Philippine Faces And Places July 5 – 15


Based in Manila, Phil Dizon got his first taste of photography as an exchange student in Colorado, USA, assisting his foster dad with landscape shots. This led him to take further classes in fashion photography and to set up his own photo studio. Over the years he has cultivated this passion for photography, dedicating more than half his life to it.

His current portfolio includes photographs published in the Philippine Star, The Standard, Art+ Magazine, and Zee Lifestyle. For this current exhibit, Phil Dizon includes portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and seascapes that exemplify the character of the Philippines and its people. He maintains two studios in Metro Manila, and is opening his third soon. When he is not photographing beautiful women in beautiful places, Phil runs Vendiz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as its CEO.

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Artist’s Statement

“Philippine Faces and Places” is my latest project.  Featuring a number of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and portraits of notable personalities and ordinary folk alike, this exhibit highlights the uniqueness of Philippine scenery and culture.

For this project, I traveled to iconic landmarks of the Philippines, as well as beautiful places that are less known. By incorporating the drama and majesty of these landscapes and pairing these with dignified inhabitants of the locale, I aim to present the Philippines from my point of view.

If you are from the Philippines, hopefully this brings back beautiful memories of your homeland.  If you are from elsewhere, may these photos inspire you to visit our beautiful country.