“Street Photography” With A Point And Shoot Camera

On Capturing the Truth

In this age of visual editing, it is rare to see a photographer who places such an emphasis on the basics of photography. Copernico Villaruel, Jr. or “Kups” is such a man. An orthopedic surgeon by profession, he is also a man of many interests and talents. He is a healer, a teacher, and an inspiration.  He discovered his passion for photography during one of his trips to Europe in his early days. He has trained not just his clinical eye but also his eye for seeing into people, places, and the activities of day-to-day life. Armed with only a simple camera, he often says that he just points and shoots, allowing his vision to translate into his photographs. Driven by his passion, he backpacked across the cities of the world, all the while taking in the stories our world has to offer.


Looking into one of Kups’ photos is like appreciating one of the paintings of the masters. There is a beautiful interplay of the elements in the photographs. In one shot, Kups has captured a poignant moment in the lives of all these people. It transports you to the scene and you become part of the subject’s life. They are complete strangers to you, and yet you gain this profound insight into their thoughts and feelings.

These photographs remind us of the hidden gems of beauty hidden in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking along a beach, a park or a busy street. Even something as simple as leaves floating in a pond holds something precious. It sometimes reveals itself in just a brief moment but to someone like Kups, that moment can last a lifetime.

Kups is able to unravel the trappings of everyday life, and expose that which many has sought to capture – the truth. It is something that we may have forgotten or chosen to ignore but in this exhibit, it is immortalized for all of us to see. So visit the streets that Kups has walked, and re-experience the truth in all its glory.

Sebastian Maria B. Sagadal

September 8 – 19, 2014
Philippine Center NY
556 Fifth Ave.
9:00AM – 5PM (Public)