Creative Journey: An International Art Exhibit


To integrate the arts towards multi-cultural community building, promoting social justice and equity.


To build an art community that hones aesthetic capital of diverse artists and enthusiasts from the community, attaining convergent cultural leadership.

Objective of the Exhibit

  • showcase the most important “oeuvre” of Filipino artists’ ingenuity in art.

Exhibit Description

“Creative Journey”, is an art exhibit that will give a glimpse into the most important works and creative journey of Filipino artists who traveled from the Philippines to USA. These seasoned artists will feature different subject matters highlighting their distinctive styles, sense of color, and craftsmanship in their chosen medium which the artists consider their innovation in the competitive world of art. Every artist utilized their creativity through their unique perspectives to engage the audience’s aesthetic sensibilities in the narratives of the artworks. Their works are reflective of how their creative journey evolved as shown in the narrative behind each works of arts.

Overall, this exhibit is a creative journey in itself and is anticipated to generate significant conversations.