Cid Reyes

Ceasar Victor P. Reyes studied at the De La Salle University, the Academia di Belle Arti in Rome, and the City Literary Institute in London. He is advertising executive, art critic, and painter. He is the author of several books such as Conversations on Philippine Art, The Graphic Art of BenCab, Thiry Years of Malang’s Women, Dr. Gregorio Lim: His Life in Art, Valeria, Arturo Luz, and J. Elizalde Navarro. He is co-author of Art Philippines and Southeast Asian Art Today. He won the Art Criticism Award from AAP in 1978. The Art Manila Newspaper named him Art Critic of the Year. He used to write a weekly art column, Gallery-Hopping for Today. He is Lifetime Achievement Awardee of the Creative Guild.

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