The Philippine Center in New York houses the offices of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations, the Philippine Consulate General in New York, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, and the Philippine Department of Tourism.

The Philippine Center in New York was established by virtue of Presidential Decree 487 dated 19 June 1974.  Aimed to “consolidate, integrate and coordinate all the activities of all Philippine Government offices and agencies abroad,” its mandate is “to nurture, promote and propagate Philippine culture, to encourage foreign tourists to visit the Philippines, to expand the foreign market for Philippine products, to provide efficient and comprehensive public service in the country and abroad, and in general to enhance the image of the Philippines.”

In line with this mandate, the Philippine Center offers its facilities for activities and events organized by the various government offices housed within its premises or by groups in the Filipino-American and mainstream communities in New York that serve to enhance the Philippines’ good standing the world community.  It also actively partners with similar cultural institutions on projects and initiatives that promote Philippine culture, tourism and trade.