Jose “Pinggot” Zulueta

He graduated from the University of Santo Tomas. He is a photographer, painter and cartoonist. In 2002 he had a solo exhibition “Asinta: Images and Imageries in the Philippines” and a book in collaboration with Vim Nadera. His second exhibit was the Aotearoa” series, a collection of twenty-five paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas, held at the Philippine Center. Art Critic Gino Dormiendo wrote of his work, “Zulueta plumbs the depths of the soul of a people perpetually thrust into an existential limbo. These are collective ortraits of a nation struggling to find its memory and identity, a postmodern gallery that, with the artist’s altered consciousness after extended life abroad with his family, confronts the psyche of a people forever grappling with loss, death and perdition.”