Lao Lian Ben

Born: 1948

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University East. He held his first solo exhibit at the Solidaridad Galleries in 1973. He won several awards from the Shell NSAC, notably First Prize for “Dead Birth” in 1968. His “Tryst” won Honorable Mention at the AAP Annual in 1976. He won a Mobil Art Award in 1983. He received the Thirteen Artists Awards from the CCP in 1976. A minimal artist, his work is often associated with the spirit and aesthetics of Zen. Lao’s process of painting involves layering of various textures, superimposed with found objects, often from nature. He substantiates soft tensions of flawed registry and vibrated lines, using them to advantage in border to bring out unmistakable aura of meditative serenity.

Bird Garden