Benjie Cabangis

Born: Manila, Philippines 1957

He studied Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. He received the Gawad Chanselor as the University of the Philipppines’ Outstanding Visual Artist for 1999. He was held over twenty solo exhibitions, notably at the Sining Kamalig in 1980, CCP in 1982, Hiraya Gallery in 1986 and the Liongoren Gallery in 1993. He was a CCP Thirteen Artists Awardee in 1978. Nature and representational images are central to Cabangis’ abstract art, which according to art critic Reuben Canete alluded to rolling atmosphere and storm tossed oceans… rendered in cubes and grids that segment and bracket off spaces with minimalist precision.

Darating ang Araw