Ronald Ventura

Manila, Philippines 1972

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas. He received the Ateneo Art Awards in 2005, the CCP Thirteen Artists Award in 2003, and the Juror’s Choice awards at the Philippine Art Awards Philip Morris 1998 and 2002. He held a major solo exhibition “Mapping the Corporeal” at the NUS Museum in Singapore, in 2008. Tyler Rollins Fine Art presented his solo exhibition “Metaphysics of Skin” in New York City in 2009. Ramon Lerma wrote of his work. “Thematically, his works refer to the contemporary hell in which humans live: soldiers in perpetual warfare, commodification and religious emotionalism. What gives his work its power is its virtuoso style, derived from the classical tradition but revealing a dark under belly.

Burning Memory 1999 13″x16″