Philippine Center New York

Liwanag Exhibition

September 23 – October 11, 2019

Maria Mari Murga is a Filipina Spanish artist based in London. Her Filipino origins hail from Zamboanga City in Mindanao and Basque roots. The grand daughter of a WWII Bataan Death March survivor, Philippine history runs in Maria’s veins. Trained in Florence, Italy, she specialized in Renaissance Painting Techniques: Orient and Occident are brought together under Murga’s life vision.

Maria works from her studio in Hampstead, London. Her paintings are part of the private collections of prominent British and Philippine art collectors including well known corporate companies. Murga has exhibited internationally: The Annigonni Museum in Florence, The City Council in Madrid, Petley’s gallery in Mayfair, The Mall Galleries, The Philippine Embassy in London, The Consulate of the Philippines in Miami and The Philippine Senate Congress in Manila.

Her artworks have been awarded by prestigious Art Institutions such as The Royal Society of British Artists, The De Laszlo Foundation, The London Festival of Architecture,The Derwent Art Prize and The Pastel Society UK at The Mall Galleries in London.

Inspired by Filipino Modern Masters Fernando Amorsolo and Vicente Manansala expedition artist Maria Murga challenged the conventions of life and art by travelling to remote areas of rural Philippines as a plein air documenter of the world around her.

The excitement of Aurora indigenous children spearfishing, the majestic allure of a coconut dehusker in Baler, the charm of a fisherman unloading tuna at General Santos pier, the sensuality of a Zamboangueñouena in her prayers, are transformed into tangible monochrome drawings exalting the human spirit through intense emotions and expressive movement.

Based on her solid expertise in anatomy and humanist ideals, Murga passionately works with a classical light foundation and a contemporary vision to illuminate the powerful authenticity of Filipino provincial life from the shadows of the unknown. Through the artist’s eye, the essence of the Philippines is revealed: a multicultural archipelago united in a visual poem of beauty, endurance and human dignity.