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Pananaw: Photography Exhibit



A group of Filipino photographers traveling the world captures unique perspectives through their lenses. Each photographer brings their own unique style and point of view to their photographs, showcasing the beauty of each destination they visit. One photographer focuses on capturing the vibrant colors and energy of each city they visit, while another captures the peaceful and serene moments in nature. Another photographer seeks out the hidden gems and local experiences of each destination, while yet another highlights the diverse cultures and traditions they encounter. Through their collective work, these Filipino photographers invite viewers to see the world through their lens and appreciate the diversity and beauty of the places they visit.

Sojourn Art

Sojourn Art Group is a collective of talented Filipino photographers who share a passion for capturing the beauty and artistry of the world through their travels. With their keen eyes and artistic perspectives, they seek to create images that evoke emotion and inspire wonder. Each photographer brings their own unique style and perspective to the group, resulting in a diverse and dynamic body of work. They explore new destinations with a sense of curiosity and adventure, seeking out the hidden gems and overlooked details that make each place special. Whether capturing the grandeur of natural landscapes, the energy of bustling cities, or the intimacy of local cultures, Sojourn Art Group’s photographs showcase the beauty and diversity of the world. Their work is a testament to the power of travel to broaden our perspectives, connect us with new experiences, and inspire us to see the world in new ways.

Ang, Garrick

The world is filled with endless beauty and adventures. It’s my dream to explore every corner of this incredible planet. Join me on my journey across roads, seas, and skies.

“I am Garrick and this is my journey and sharing stories.”

Garrick is a regular member of the Camera Club of the Philippines, where he also served as club President in 2022 and Contest Committee Chairman in 2018. He won the Lucie Foundation, International Photography Award – Nature Photographer of Year – PH in 2018 and several other medals in other categories like Portrait, Deeper Perspective, and Cityscape Vintage.   In 2022, he won the Camera Club of the Philippines Master Cup On the Spot Competition (OTS) King.  He is a seasoned Information and Communication Professional and was recognized in 2019, as IDG ASEAN Top 50 CIO (Chief Information Officer). He is also a regular member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Pasig in RY2021-22 with the award of Outstanding Club President with Distinction.

Barlaan, Noel

The work of Noel Barlaan or better known as Borlly is simply an intention of finding people, places, things, and landscapes that will make them appealing to the human eye. Trying to convert boring scenes to life and sending messages through images draws people to appreciate visual art.

Born in 1961 and started photography in the 80s as a hobby and eventually became a Professional Wedding Photographer.

He has created unforgettable images on special days that clients can cherish forever. As a hobbyist, he has established his own style and loves taking night photography which he considers very challenging. Noel has attended various types of photography to build his strong foundation. He never stops learning through reading and research to develop himself in this chosen field of endeavor. As a Professional Engineer, it has helped him become a disciplined person.

email:           mobile (647) 988-6572 

Chavez, Annabelle

Annabelle Chavez is a member of the illustrious Camera Club of the Philippines and Pipho Org Club. Her portraiture and landscape works have been featured in several group exhibitions, such as; the 100th Nikon Anniversary, and Manila Bulletin exhibition in 2018, “Imagine” and “Luceat Lux” organized by the Camera Club of the Philippines in 2017 and 2016, respectively. In October 2018, Annabelle was ranked third Master Photographer of the Year and was awarded the coveted Top Photographer in the On The Spot category of the Camera Club of the Philippines. One of her crowning achievements is having her photo chosen by PhilPost for their commemorative stamps collection during the Heritage Month of 2018.

Annabelle’s work has been featured in local and foreign dailies, such as Picture Perfect in Manila Bulletin, Viewfinder Magazine, Daily Mail, and Sun in London.

Esguerra, Carlos

Carlos L. Esguerra has brought honors to the Philippines by winning awards from prestigious international photography competitions such as the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, German Mega Circuit, Trierenberg Austrian Circuit, Photography Gala Awards, and several others.

in 2008, he was awarded the “Pamana ng Pilipino Presidential Award, the highest award given by the President of the Philippines to Filipinos overseas who had distinguished themselves in their chosen endeavors. In 2011, he received the “Ani ng Dangal* from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in Manila. In 2014, he was awarded the “Distinguished Alumni Award for Culture and the Arts” by his alma mater, the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. in 2015, he received the “Dr. Jose P. Rizal Award for Excellence in Arts and Literature” from the Order of the Knights of Rizal, New York City chapter. In 2017, he was a winner of the Luminous-Landscape Endowment Fund photography grant.

Ner, Phillip

Philip Ner earned his shutterbug stripes in the 1990s. photographing weddings and portraits. and special events. Philip has been the official photographer for different Los Angeles-based Beauty Pageants. Recognized for transposing rapport with subjects into luminous portraiture as well as a keen eye for detail and nuance, his work has been featured in several well-received group exhibits. Philip is an alumnus of UST High School and San Beda College, both in Manila.” Phillip also enjoys photographing Landscapes, cityscapes, and sports photography.

Tangco, Raul

Raul started to dabble in photography in high school. While he did not pursue professional photography, he has, since 1986, been one of the most active lifetime members of The Camera Club of the Philippines, the oldest and most prestigious photography society in the country. He is a customized framing service provider by profession and, for almost three decades, has been a trusted professional custom framer and curator of artists, painters and photographers mounting their own exhibitions including business offices and known restaurants in the country needing this type of service.

mobile: +639199915322, +639177183601

Ner, Rene

René Ner, a renowned photographer and artist, has made significant contributions to photography in the Philippines and internationally. He founded the Mapua Society of Photography and was president, expanding his network through the Camera Club of the Philippines. Ner achieved recognition in national and international photography competitions, securing top positions in prestigious events. In New York, he co-founded SINAG, a platform for Filipino-American photographers, organizing multiple group exhibits. Ner’s work extended beyond photography, with authorship of four books and contributions to art books. His three-decade freelance career in the United States established him as a respected figure in the photography community.