Philippine Center New York

SPAA 2022

Reflections and Hope:
Masks are coming off, desks are getting dusted off, and friends are reconnecting in person after over two years apart. We are in an in-between time — between the throes of Corona lockdown, and perhaps, a calendar that is starting to fill up with social engagements.

This exhibit is a snapshot of the time — on the precipice of a re-awakening. On one side of our exhibit space, we reflect on these past two years – the people in our pod, loved ones lost, the heroes we have gained. Our thoughts about health, work, loneliness,
distance, introspection, nature, love, home.

On the other side is the mirror image of our past: our future. We illustrate our feelings about emerging from lockdown –cautious or exuberant. We explore concepts of unity, movement, and new beginnings.