Lolita Valderrama Savage

She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas and earned a Diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arte in Florence, Italy. While living in Sweden, she studied painting with her mentor Steffan Hallstrom. She now lives in Italy and the United States and exhibits throughout Europe and USA. Using oil, watercolor, pastels, ink, and pencil in a naturalist manner, she paints landscapes of countries she visits. She held exhibits at the Centro D’Incontro Per Stranieri, Palazzon Stroi and the California State University International Program in Florence 1975, the Galleri Origo in Stockholm, Sweden in 1977, the “Thirteen Collections” with Sotheby’s and Channel 13 New York in 1982, the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C., Philippine Center New York, and the Peg Alston Gallery, New York, in 2008.

Bukuhan 1992