Memorial Concert: Bayani Mendoza de Leon


Bayani Mendoza de Leon distinguished himself as a composer, conductor, poet, literary writer, ethnomusicologist and cultural scholar. His influence spread throughout the Philippine-American community as a culture bearer in raising awareness and appreciation of traditional and contemporary Philippine music and arts in the United States. He was a recipient of the 2008 Pamana ng Pilipino Presidential Award and, posthumously, the 2014 Gawad Rondalla Grand Award.

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John C Abul: Las Mujeres De Mi Vida May 12th-24th 2014

Las Mujeres de Mi Vida is an exhibition of 10 medium to large-sized oil paintings. As the title suggests, the exhibition is loosely based on and illuminated by the woman in my life : my recently widowed mother, my great grand auntie, sisters, cousins and friends. I took my impressions of (and fascinations with) these woman and transported them to a different age, the late Spanish and early American periods of our country’s history. This epoch has always captivated me and on several occasions, inspired my works: the rich traditions, the elegant fashion, the poetic language, the romantic eloquence, and the glorious heroism. 

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